Socialist China, Capitalist China
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Socialist China, Capitalist China

Social tension and political adaptation under economic globalization
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Guoguang Wu
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China is currently encountering increasing social problems, together with the rise of mass discontent and public protest, despite having achieved enormous economic growth after nearly thirty years of market socialism and embracing globalization. The future of China thus depends not only on the economic progress the nation has achieved - and will achieve - but also on how the government addresses growing social tensions. Focusing on why social tensions have arisen despite economic prosperity and how the state is responding, this book presents rich, original data about many of the social challenges facing China, including rural-urban migration, unemployment, the health care crisis, the rise of religion, the desire for increased individualism, and new mass movements. It investigates governmental responses to deal with the problems including legal and political reforms and local governance innovations, throughout setting the discussion in the context of how far a traditionally 'socialist' nation can be integrated into global capitalism. Overall, the book provides a timely, up-to-date, and down-to-earth examination of and reflection on China's continuing socio-economic and political transition.
Acknowledgements. Biography of Contributors and Editors. 1: Introduction - Helen Lansdowne and Guoguang Wu. 2: Growing Social Unrest in China: Rising Social Discontents and Popular Protests - Chih-jou Jay Chen. 3: Household Registration, Social Exclusion, and Rural Migrants in Cities - Xiaogang Wu. 4: Training the Unemployed to Become Active Job-Seekers in Post-Mao China - Feng Xu. 5: An Institutional Analysis of China's Failed Healthcare Reform - Yanzhong Huang. 6: China, Christianity and the Global Market of Belief Systems - Carol Lee Hamrin. 7: Super Voice Girls and Freezing Point: Media, Hegemony, and Domination in the New China - Barrett McCormick. 8: Granting or Refusing the Right to Petition: The Dilemma of China's Xinfang System - Keyuan Zou.

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