A Practical Guide to Teaching Music in the Secondary School
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A Practical Guide to Teaching Music in the Secondary School

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Chris Philpott
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A Practical Guide to Teaching Music in the Secondary School provides valuable support, guidance and creative ideas for student teachers, mentors and practising teachers who want to develop their music teaching. Written to accompany the successful textbook Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School, it will help you understand important current developments and explore new possibilities for teaching and learning. Focusing on teaching music musically, the book explores musical learning through placing pupils at the centre of a musical experience. Considering the revised KS3 curriculum and the 14--19 agenda in music, it also seeks to broaden the perspectives of music teachers through engaging with collaborative practice, transitions and cross-curricular work. Key issues explored include:personalising musical learningteaching creatively and promoting creativityapproaches to using ICT in the classroommusical collaboration with other adultsassessment for learning in musicmaking connections with other subjects. Using practical examples and tasks, this book will help you critically examine the way in which children learn music. It is an invaluable resource for those involved in teaching music who are seeking to develop their practical and theoretical understanding.
Contributors Series editors' preface Introduction Julie Evans and Chris Philpott Part 1 Musical learning 1. Personalising learning in music education Chris Philpott 2. Musical teaching and learning in 14-19 education Keith Evans Part 2 Developing musical pedagogy 3. Cultural understanding John Finney 4. Teaching and learning for critical thinking and understanding Gary Spruce 5. Teaching creatively Ian Shirley 6. The integration of ICT in the music classroom Duncan Mackrill 7. Assessment for learning in music Martin Fautley Part 3 Broadening your perspectives 8. Continuing pupils' experience of singing and instrumental learning from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 Julie Evans 9. Musical collaborations with other adults Katherine Zeserson 10. The integration of music with other subject disciplines, particularly other art forms Jonathan Barnes Bibliography Index

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