Marriage and Morals
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Marriage and Morals

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Bertrand Russell
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Marriage and Morals is a compelling cross-cultural examination of individual, familial and societal attitudes towards sex and marriage. By exploring the codes by which we live our sexual lives and conventional morality, Russell daringly sets out a new morality, shaped and influenced by dramatic changes in society such as the emancipation of women and the wide-spread use of contraceptives. From the origin of marriage to the influence of religion, Russell explores the changing role of marriage and codes of sexual ethics. The influence of this great work has turned it into a worthy classic.
1. Introduction 2. Matrilineal Societies 3. Patriarchal Systems 4. Phallic Worship, Asceticism and Sin 5. Christian Ethics 6. Romantic Love 7. The Liberation of Women 8. The Taboo of Sex Knowledge 9. The Place of Love in Human Life 10. Marriage 11. Prostitution 12. Tribal Marriage 13. The Family at the Present Day 14. The Family in Individual Psychology 15. The Family and the State 16. Divorce 17. Population 18. Eugenics 19. Sex and Individual Well-being 20. The Place of Sex among Human Values 20. Conclusion

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