Handbook of Probation
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Handbook of Probation

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Loraine Gelsthorpe
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This Handbook provides a comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date source of information and analysis about all aspects of the work of the Probation Service.It takes full account of the many changes that the Probation Service has undergone over the last few years, and is currently undergoing as probation becomes part of the broader National Offender Management Service. Contributors to the book are drawn from leading academics and practitioners in the field, drawing upon the best expertise available. Running through the book is a concern with a range of key current issues such as addressing the diversity of offenders and creating effective links with other criminal justice agencies, and it includes perspectives from both probation service staff and from offenders and victims. This book is an essential text for practitioners, trainees and students of probation and those studying it as part of a wider criminology or criminal justice course.
Preface by Helen Edwards (Chief Executive, NOMS) Introduction Part 1: The Story of Probation in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Introduction, Loraine Gelsthorpe and Rod Morgan 1. Humanising justice: the English Probation Service up to 1972, Mike Nellis 2. Towards a correctional service, Peter Raynor and Maurice Vanstone 3. Probation, governance and accountability, Rod Morgan 4. The Probation Service as Part of NOMS in England and Wales: fit for purpose?, Roy Bailey, Charlotte Knight and Brian Williams 5. Probation in Scotland: past, present and future, Gill McIvor and Fergus McNeill 6. Probation, the state and community 'delivering probation services in Northern Ireland, David O'Mahony and Tim Chapman Part 2: Probation Services - Impact, Prospects and Potential in Everyday Practice Introduction, Loraine Gelsthorpe and Rod Morgan 7. Services before trial and sentence:achievement, decline and potential, Kevin Haines and Rod Morgan 8. Assessment, supervision and intervention: fundamental practice in probation, Ros Burnett, Kerry Baker and Colin Roberts 9. Sentencing, community penalties and the role of the Probation Service, George Mair and Rob Canton 10. Youth justice, Rod Morgan and Tim Newburn 11. Dealing with diversity in probation, Loraine Gelsthorpe and Gill McIvor 12. Prolific/persistent offenders and desistance, Stephen Farrall, Rob C. Mawby and Anne Worrall 13. High-risk offenders and public protection, Hazel Kemshall and Jason Wood 14. The resettlement of ex-prisoners, Mike Maguire Part 3: What Works in Probation? Introduction, Loraine Gelsthorpe and Rod Morgan 15. Effectiveness: who counts what?, Simon Merrington and Stephen Stanley 16. Past, present and future sentences: what do we know about their effectiveness?, Carol Hedderman 17. Probation values and human rights, Loraine Gelsthorpe 18. Working for and with victims of crime, Brian Williams and Hannah Goodman 19. Partnerships in probation, Judith Rumgay 20. Community penalties, sentencers, the media and public opinion, Rob Allen and Mike Hough

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