Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Aland Experience
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Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Aland Experience

Untying the Kurillian Knot
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Kimie Hara
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This volume is the fruit of an international collaborative study, which considers the Aland islands settlement in northern Europe as a resolution model for the major Asia-Pacific regional conflicts that derived from the post-World War II disposition of Japan, with particular focus on the territorial dispute between Japan and Russia, the Northern Territories/Southern Kuriles problem.The contributors provide analysis of the land settlement, the Japan-Russia territorial dispute and land-inspired solution ideas by experts from all over the world, including government officials, scholars and military specialists. Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Aland Experience will be of interest to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics working in Asian studies, politics, international relations, conflict resolution and security studies.
Foreword James Kelly and Fumiko Halloran Preface Kimie Hara and Geoffrey Jukes Introduction. Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Åland Experience: Untying the Kurillian Knot Kimie Hara 1. The Autonomy of Åland and Conflict Resolution Elisabeth Nauclér 2. The Northern Territories Issue: Japanese-Russian Relations and Domestic Concerns in Japan Hiroshi Kimura 3. The Territorial Dispute between Japan and Russia: The "Two-island Solution" and Putin's last years as President Konstantin Sarkisov 4. The Cold War in East Asia and the Northern Territories Problem Nobuo Shimotomai 5. Can the Southern Kuriles be Demilitarized? Geoffrey Jukes 6. US Views on the Northern Territories Issue Richard Halloran 7. The Indigenous Ainu of Japan at the Time of the Åland Settlement Scott Harrison 8. Solving the Territorial Dispute between Japan and Russia : Åland Islands and Finland's Post-World War II experiences as Source of Inspiration Markku Heiskanen 9. Envisioning Åland-Inspired Solutions for the Northern Territories Problem Kimie Hara

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