Intra-Asian Trade and Industrialization
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Intra-Asian Trade and Industrialization

Essays in Memory of Yasukichi Yasuba
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A. J. H. Latham
Routledge Explorations in Economic History
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Under the impressive editorship of A.J.H. Latham and comprising high quality essays on a topic of rising interest to scholars and policymakers, this volume makes some valuable contributions to regional and global dynamics of trade.With contributions from leading names in the field of economic history - such as D.A. Farnie - this book will be useful reading for scholars interested in global economic history, globalization and regional trade, and Asian studies.
Introduction A.J.H. Latham and Heita Kawakatsu Part 1 1. An interview with Yasukichi Yasuba A.J.H. Latham 2. Real Wages in the Early Stages of Industrialization: Japan 1885-1915 Yasukichi Yasuba Part 2 3. The VOC's Price Current Records in the Long Eighteenth Century: Commodities and Prices in Global, Intra-Asian and Regional Asian Maritime Economic History George Bryan Souza 4. Siamese Trade in Agricultural Products with Japan and China in the Eighteenth Century Ryoto Shimada Part 3 5. The Cotton Harvest of India and the World Market 1770-2005 D.A. Farnie 6. Cotton Improvement Projects in Japan and Korea Chisako Tsuji 7. The Cotton Improvement Project prior to 1920 in China Masataka Setobayashi 8. The Cotton Improvement Project in Turkey. The case of Adana from the 1930s Yuko Hisa 9. Chinese National Raw Silk Output prior to 1840 Li Zhang Part 4 10. Intra-regional Trade in China: An Analysis of Chinese Maritime Customs Statistics Hajime Kose 11. Scottish Shipping in Nineteenth Century Asia Masami Kita Part 5 12. Climatic fluctuations and the International Rice Trade: A Preliminary Investigation A.J.H. Latham 13. The Global Wheat Trade and the Industrialization of Monsoon Asia, 1951-2001 Shinsuke Kaneko

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