Institutional Challenges in Post-Constitutional Europe
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Institutional Challenges in Post-Constitutional Europe

Governing Change
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Catherine Moury
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This book discusses the future of the European Union following the failure of the Constitutional and reform treaties, examining the transformations, dynamics and major issues facing present-day Europe.Discussing key questions relating to the future of the European project, this book brings together leading academics and practitioners, including: Adrienne Hritier, Jan Zielonka, Yves Mny, Maurizio Cotta, Philippe Schmitter, ECJ Advocate General Miguel Maduro and former President of the European Parliament, Pat Cox. These contributors provide provocative and innovative accounts of developments within the European Union, contrasting theoretical reflections with a more professional perspective based on first-hand experience in running European affairs. The contributions focus on three key challenges: enlargement, the end of the permissive consensus and the need for democratization of the European Union, considering questions such as: What does Europe represent to neighbouring countries and how is it addressing their expectations? How could a larger Union be governed efficiently? Are European citizens willing to delegate responsibility to their leaders to tackle European integration? Is it accurate to accuse the European Union of a "e;democratic deficit"e;? Institutional Challenges in Post-Constitutional Europe will be of interest to students and scholars of European politics, especially those with an interest in European integration/enlargement, constitutionalism, and democratization.
Introduction Luís de Sousa and Catherine Moury 1. Building Europe for Future Generations - Achievements and New Tasks of the European Union Pat Cox 2. How to govern the ever larger European Union? Jan Zielonka 3. The rules of change in the European Union: the lost balance between rigidity and flexibility Bruno de Witte 4. Where to look for legitimacy Miguel Maduro 5. The European Citizenship: Ideals, Reality and Problems Maurizio Cotta and Pierangelo Isernia 6. Democratization of the EU Philippe Schmitter 7. The Invisible Transformation of Codecision: Problems of Democratic Legitimacy Adrienne Héritier and Henry Farrel 8. Europe and the challenge of a non-State democracy Yves Mény Conclusion Catherine Moury

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