Governance of HIV/AIDS
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Governance of HIV/AIDS

Making Participation and Accountability Count
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Sophie Harman
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Nearly thirty years since HIV/AIDS was first identified, confusion over effective mechanisms of controlling and eradicating the illness remain prevalent. This book highlights the need for comprehensive approaches to governance, as responses to HIV/AIDS become increasingly focused upon the health aspect of the epidemic, and financial commitments become subject to aid fatigue. This book examines the roles and influence of multiple actors and initiatives that have come to constitute the global response to the epidemic. It considers how these actors and structures of governance enhance, or limit, participation and accountability; and the impact this is having upon effective HIV/AIDS responses across the world. The book addresses participation and accountability as key elements of governance in four thematic areas: the role of the state and democratic governance; non-state actors and mechanisms of political governance; public-private partnerships and economic governance; and multilateral institutions and global governance. Drawing on the insights of public health specialists; political scientists; economists; lawyers; those working with community groups, and within international organisations, it offers valuable perspectives on the governance of HIV/AIDS.Aimed at both academics and practitioners throughout the world, this book contributes to the academic debate surrounding global governance, health and development economics, and the work of multiple international organisations and civil society organisations.
Introduction: Governance of HIV/AIDS Response: Making Participation and Accountability Count - Sophie Harman Part I: Role of the State and Democratic Governance in the HIV/AIDS Response 1: HIV/AIDS and Democratic Governance in Africa: Illustrating the Impact on Electoral Processes - Kondwani Chirambo 2: Income Inequality and China's HIV Epidemic: Is there a relationship? - Dylan Sutherland Part II: Non-State Actors, Popular Participation and Mechanisms of Accountable Governance 3: Accountability and the Right to Health: current understandings and future prospects - Helen Potts 4: The Home-Based Care Alliance in Kenya: Improving governance and transforming communities in the context of HIV and AIDS - Shannon Hayes Part III: Partnerships: Public-Private, Formal and Informal Networks 5: Business and HIV/AIDS Governance gap in South Africa - Antoinette Handley 6: The Private Sector and Governance of HIV/AIDS - Franklyn Lisk Part IV: Global Governance and Multisectoralism 7: Governance of HIV and AIDS Responses - An Examination of the Institutional arrangements Established to Address the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe - Felicity Hatendi-Gutu 8: The Causes, Contours, and Consequences of the Multi-Sectoral Response to HIV/AIDS - Sophie Harman Conclusion: Challenge and innovation in governance of HIV/AIDS - Franklyn Lisk

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