Producing for Web 2.0
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Producing for Web 2.0

A Student Guide
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Jason Whittaker
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Praise for the previous edition:'Gives an excellent insight into the main issues of creating a website and offers a good foundation of knowledge.' - i.netProducing for Web 2.0 is a clear and practical guide to the planning, set up and management of a website in web 2.0. It gives readers an overview of the current technologies available for online communications and shows how to use them for maximum effect when planning a website.Producing for Web 2.0 sets out the practical toolkit needed for web design and content management. It is supported by a regularly updated and comprehensive Companion Website at: where readers can see examples of programming and demonstrations of concepts discussed in the book, as well as trying things out themselves.Producing for Web 2.0 includes:illustrated examples of good design and contentadvice on content, maintenance and how to use sites effectivelytips on using multimedia, including video, audio, flash, and imagesa chapter on ethics and internet regulations for journalists and writerstutorials for the main applications used in website design step by step guides to difficult areas with screenshotsguides to good practice for all those involved in publishing news online.

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