Physical Literacy
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Physical Literacy

Throughout the Lifecourse
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Margaret Whitehead
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The term 'physical literacy' describes the motivation, confidence, physical competence, understanding and knowledge that individuals develop in order to maintain physical activity at an appropriate level throughout their life. Physical literacy encompasses far more than physical education in schools or structured sporting activities, offering instead a broader conception of physical activity, unrelated to ability. Through the use of particular pedagogies and the adoption of new modes of thinking, physical literacy promises more realistic models of physical competence and physical activity for a wider population, offering opportunities for everyone to become active and motivated participants.
1. Introduction 2. The Concept of Physical Literacy 3. The Philosophical Underpinning of the Concept of Physical Literacy 4. Motivation and the Significance of Physical Literacy for Every Individual 5. Physical Literacy, Physical Competence and Interaction with the Environment 6. Physical Literacy, the Sense of Self, Relationships with Others and the Place of Knowledge and Understanding in the Concept 7. The Physical Self and Physical Literacy 8. Physical Literacy and Obesity 9. Physical Literacy and the Young Child 10. Physical Literacy and the Older Adult Population 11. Physical Literacy and Individuals with a Disability 12. Physical Literacy and Issues of Diversity 13. Promoting Physical Literacy Within and Beyond the School Curriculum 14. Physical Literacy and Learning and Teaching Approaches 15. Physical Literacy, Fostering the Attributes and Curriculum Planning 16. Conclusion and the Way Ahead

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