East Asian Regionalism from a Legal Perspective
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East Asian Regionalism from a Legal Perspective

Current features and a vision for the future
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Tamio Nakamura
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Plenty has been written about the political and economical aspects of regionalism, but the legal perspective has been neglected. East Asian Regionalism From a Legal Perspective is unique in synthesizing legal, economic and political analyses. In the first part, the book investigates the current features of regionalism from a comparative perspective, looking at economic and currency cooperation and comparing Asian regionalism with Europe and Latin America. In the second part, the contributors go on to look at the present legal features of regionalism, covering institutional frameworks, trade diversity and regional integration. The third part of the book is truly unique in proposing an essential groundwork for the institutionalisation of an East Asian Community. It conceives a draft East Asian Charter, an essential document that distils what East Asian nations have achieved, and also includes integral principles and fundamental rules for future cooperation among countries and peoples in the region.This book will be of interest to graduates and academics interested in regionalism, international relations, international law and Asian studies.
Part I: The Current Features of East Asian Regionalism from a Comparative Perspective 1. East Asian Regional Economic Cooperation and FTA: Deepening of Intra-ASEAN Economic Cooperation and Expansion throughout East Asia Kazushi Shimizu 2. Regionalism and Nationalism in the Information Technology Industry: A Comparison of East Asia and Europe Tomoo Marukawa 3. East Asian Currency Cooperation Eiji Ogawa and Kentaro Kawasaki 4. Regional Integration in Latin America: Lessons for East Asia Barbara Stallings 5. Regionalisation and Regionalism in Europe from the Perspective of Multinational Enterprises Ken-ichi Ando 6. European Integration in a Historical Perspective: How Did It Begin and What Are the Lessons for Asia? Kenji Hirashima Part II: Present Legal Responses to East Asian Regionalism 7. Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Open Regionalism in Asia: A Case Study of ASEAN Lawan Thanadsillapakul 8. Emerging Diversity in Trade Remedy Systems: The Case of East Asian FTAs Dukgeun Ahn 9. Regional Integration in East Asia and its Legalisation: Can law contribute to the progress of integration in East Asia? Takao Suami Part III Legal Vision of Future East Asian Regionalism: a Draft Charter 10. Proposal of the Draft Charter of the East Asian Community: an Overview and the Basic Principles Tamio Nakamura 11. Community Policies in the Draft Charter of the East Asian Community: How will Regional Cooperation be Organised within the Community Framework? Takao Suami 12. Part Two of the Draft Charter: Constructing an East Asian Acquis Yoichiro Usui 13. "Open regionalism": Creating Multi-Layered Orders in World Governance Yoshiaki Sato 14. Draft Charter of the East Asian Community Tamio Nakamura, Takao Suami, Yoichiro Usui and Yoshiaki Sato

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