Crime Science
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Crime Science

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Melissa J Smith
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This book provides an introduction to crime science, setting out its essentials. It provides a major statement of the nature and aspirations of crime science, and presents a series of case studies providing examples, in different settings, of the approach in action, ranging from preventing crime within correctional institutions to the use of techniques such as DNA fast tracking for burglary.
Introduction, Melissa J. Smith and Nick Tilley Part 1: Background 1. Defining crime science, Gloria Laycock Part 2: Theory and Methodology 2. How to police the future: scanning for scientific and technological innovations which generate potential threats and opportunities in crime, policing and crime reduction, Paul Ekblom 3. Cost-benefit analysis for crime science: making cost benefit analysis useful through a portfolio of outcomes, Graham Farrell, Kate J. Bowers and Shane D. Johnson Part 3: Case Studies in Preventive Crime Science 4. Reducing prison disorder through situational prevention: the Glen Parva experience, Richard Wortley and Lucia Summers 5. Driving down crime at motorway service areas, Nick Tilley 6. Vehicle excise duty evasion in the UK, Melissa J. Smith and Barry Webb 7. Predicting the future or summarising the past? Crime mapping as anticipation, Shane D. Johnson, Kate J. Bowers and Ken Pease Part 4: Case Studies in Crime Science for Detection 8. DNA fast-tracking, Barry Webb, Chloe Smith, Andrew Brock and Michael Townsley 9. Cognition and detection: reluctant bedfellows?, Peter Stelfox and Ken Pease

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