Managing Voluntary Sport Organizations
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Managing Voluntary Sport Organizations

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Leigh Robinson
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Contemporary sport could not function without the involvement of voluntary organizations, from local grass-roots clubs to international agencies such as the International Olympic Committee. Management of this sector continues to undergo profound change, largely in response to the challenges of professionalization and increasing expectations in terms of transparency, accountability and ethical behaviour. This book fills a significant gap in the literature on sport management by setting out the principles and practices necessary for effective management of voluntary sport organizations around the world.
Part 1: Introducing the Voluntary Sport Sector 1. The Voluntary Sport Sector 2. The Operating Environment of Voluntary Sport Organizations 3. The Governance of Voluntary Sport Organizations Part 2: The Management of Voluntary Sport Organisations 4. Strategy Development and Planning 5. Managing Human Resources 6. Managing Finances 7. Managing Performance 8. Managing Change 9. Managing Marketing Part 3: Issues in the Management of Voluntary Sport Organisations 10. Event Management 11. Voluntary Sport Organisations and the Law 12. Risk Management and Protection 13. Information Technology and Voluntary Sport Organizations 14. The Future of Management

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