Crime Online
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Crime Online

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Yvonne Jewkes
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Crime Online is concerned to explore the dual capacity of the Internet to pervert and to democratize: it offers its users freedom, democracy, and communication with people around the world while at the same time generating anxieties concerning its potential to corrupt vulnerable minds and facilitate heinous crimes. This book provides a highly authoritative account and analysis of key issues within the rapidly burgeoning field of cybercrime. Drawing upon a range of internationally known experts in the field, and representing several different disciplines, Crime Online focuses on different constructions and manifestations of cybercrime and diverse responses to its regulation. It will be essential reading for anybody with an interest in one of the most exciting and fast moving areas of crime, policing and legislation.
1. Introduction: Killed by the Internet byYvonne Jewkes 2. Cybercrime: Re-thinking Crime Control Strategies by Susan W. Brenner 3. The Problem of Child Pornography on the Internet: International Responses by Yvonne Jewkes and Carol Andrews 4. Cyberspace, Stalking and Mediated Constructions of 'Virtual' Crime by Maggie Wykes 5. The Role of Computer Forensics in Criminal Investigations by Bobby Moore 6. The Problem of Stolen Identity and the Internet by Emily Finch 7. Biometric Solutions to Identity-related Cybercrime by Russell G. Smith 8. Governance and the Internet by Katja Franko Aas 9. 'Everybody's Doing It, Doing It, Doing It: Internet 'Piracy', Moral Entrepreneurship and the Construction of a Cybercrime by Majid Yar 10. In the Back of the Net: Football Hooliganism and the Internet by Stefan Fafinsky 11. Digital Counter-Cultures and the Nature of Electronic Social and Political Movements by Rinella Cere

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