Curating Architecture and the City
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Curating Architecture and the City

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Sarah Chaplin
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Addressing the collection, representation and exhibition of architecture and the built environment, this book explores current practices, historical precedents, theoretical issues and future possibilities arising from the meeting of a curatorial 'subject' and an architectural 'object'. Striking a balance between theoretical investigations and case studies, the chapters cover a broad methodological as well as thematic range. Examining the influential role of architectural exhibitions, the contributors also look at curatorship as an emerging attitude towards the investigation and interpretation of the city. International in scope, this collection investigates curation, architecture and the city across the world, opening up new possibilities for exploring the urban fabric.
Introduction Sarah Chaplin and Alexandra Stara Part 1: City Tours and Urban Reveries 1. Remembering Dublin in Ulysses Hugh Campbell 2. Choose (what) to learn from Las Vegas, LA, London, Rome, Lagos...? Suzanne Ewing 3. Curated Desires: Film, photography and the visual transformation of urban space in surrealism Michael Chapman and Michael Ostwald 4. Moving City: Curating architecture on site Jonathan Hale 5. Awaiting the Voice-Over: The Oresund Film Commission Location Database and the Mediatization of Architectural Landscape Maria Hellstrom Reimer 6. Curating Contemporary Architecture: Touring the Bilbao Guggenheim and Seattle Central Library Ari Seligmann Part 2: Rethinking Curatorship, Rethinking Architecture 7. Cura Tim Gough 8. Caring for dead architecture Matthias Albrecht Amann 9. Exhibiting Architecture: The installation as laboratory for emerging architecture Florian Kossak 10. From Flash Art to Flash Mob: Art in the age of spectacularisation Corinna Dean 11. Reading into the Mysteries of Artemis Ephesia Zeynep Akture Part 3: Re-interpreting Public Space and Cultural Heritage 12. Curating the social, curating the architectural Gerald Adler 13. Expanding the public realm through curated collaborative action: The Echigo Tsumari abandoned house project Carol Mancke 17. Curating the Nation: Turkish Pavilions in World Expositions Sebnem Yucel Young 14. After Branding - A Lively Downtown? Marie-Paule Macdonald 15. The Necessity of Distance: Setting the Position for Critical Spatial Practice Catharina Gabrielsson 16. Urban Fictions with the Office for Subversive Architecture Alexandra Stara Afterword Jeremy Till

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