Ageing, Crime and Society
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Ageing, Crime and Society

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Azrini Wahidin
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The relationship between ageing and crime has been a much neglected issue, the focus rather being on youth. This books aims to redress this imbalance, bringing together a group of leading authorities to address key issues on the subject of crime and ageing, considering older people as both victims and perpetrators of crime, and looking too at conditions faced by older prisoners. The book draws upon both criminology and gerontology, as well as sociology and social policy, to help understand the complex relationship between ageing and the criminal justice system, and argues that the needs of elders must be far more firmly on the penal policy agenda than is the case currently. Ageing, Crime and Society will be concerned with 'unsilencing' a group who because of their age and status have been muted by the criminal justice system.
Contents. Notes on Contributors. Foreword by Lord Ramsbotham 1. Ageing, Crime and Society: An Invitation to a Criminology, Maureen Cain and Azrini Wahidin 2. Rethinking Criminology: The Case of 'Ageing Studies', Jason L. Powell and Azrini Wahidin 3. Crime, Abuse, and Social Harm: Towards an Integrated Approach, Mike Brogden and Preeti Nijhar 4. Crime and Older People: The Research Agenda, Judith Phillips 5. 'As if I Just Didn't Exist': Elder Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes, Thomas Gorgen 6. The Realities of Elder Abuse, Gary Fitzgerald 7. Deconstructing Distraction Burglary: An Ageist Offence? Stuart Lister and David Wall 8. Reassuring Older People in Relation to Fear of Crime, Alan Burnett 9. Local Responses to Elder Abuse: Building Effective Prevention Strategies, Jill Manthorpe 10. Global Developments in Relation to Elder Abuse, Bridget Penhale 11. 'No Problems - Old and Quiet': Imprisonment in Later Life, Azrini Wahidin 12. 'Unregarded Age in Corners Thrown', Debby Jaques 13. Managing the Special Needs of Ageing Prisoners in the United States, Ron Aday 14. Older Offenders and Community Penalties: A Framework for Thinking, Gaynor Bramhall 15. Towards a Better Government for Older People and the Policy Implications in the Criminal Justice System, Mervyn Eastman Index

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