Muslim Women and Sport
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Muslim Women and Sport

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Tansin Benn
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Examining the global experiences, challenges and achievements of Muslim women participating in physical activities and sport, this important new study makes a profound contribution to our understanding of both contemporary Islam and the complexity and diversity of women's lives in the modern world.
Introduction - Muslim Women and Sport Part 1: Underlying Contexts 1. The Values of Physical Activity, Sport and Physical Education in the Lives of Young Women 2. Islam, Women and Sport 3. Muslim Women and Sport in Diasporas: Theories, Discourses and Practices - Analyzing the Case of Denmark Part 2: National Perspectives 4. Women in Sports Leadership in Bahrain 5. "Balancing between the cultures ..." - Sports and Physical Activities of Muslim Girls and Women in Germany 6. Physical Activities and Sport for Women in Iran 7. The Sultanate of Oman and the Position of Girls and Women in Physical 8. Women and Sport in Syria 9. Struggling for Empowerment - Sport Participation of Women and Girls in Turkey Part 3: Case Studies 10. Palestinian Women's National Football Team Aims High - Case Study to Explore the Interaction of Religion, Culture, Politics and Sports 11. Challenges Facing South African Muslim Secondary School Girls' Participation in Physical Activities, Physical Education and Sport. 12. Religion and the State - The Story of a Turkish Elite Athlete 13. A Case Study on United Arab Emirates: Women, Disability and Sport Part 4: Narratives 14. Experiences of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Effects on Physical Activities of Girls and Women 15. Women in Sport in North Africa: Voices of Moroccan Athletes 16. Womens' Narratives of Sport and War in Iraq. Conclusion

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