Expansion of Trade and FDI in Asia
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Expansion of Trade and FDI in Asia

Strategic and Policy Challenges
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Julien Chaisse
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Foreign direct investment flows have increased dramatically in recent decades and continue to be a driving factor of economic globalisation. As a growth pole in the world economy, large parts of Asia have particularly become an attractive place for market-seeking FDI. In a high number of Asian countries FDI restrictions have been reduced, leading to accelerated technological exchange and globally integrated production and marketing networks. Overall, this has positively benefited the emerging countries that have opened their doors to FDI. Expansion of Trade and FDI in Asia explores the trends of present FDI in Asia and their effects on multilateral regulation of FDI. It reviews the increasing attraction of FDI and the rise of Asian transnational corporations (TNCs) from an economic perspective. It also investigates the legal side of the development, in particular the changes in bilateral and regional FDI regulation, and the lessons that could be learned for International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and the constitution of trading blocs.This book will be of interest to postgraduates and academics interested in Asian studies, Asian economics and international economics.
1. Editor's Introduction: Patterns and dynamics of Asia's growing share of FDI Philippe Gugler and Julien Chaisse Part I: Internationalisation Strategy of Emerging Asian firms: Examples from China and India 2. The Rise of Chinese Multinational Enterprises Philippe Gugler and Bertram Boie 3. International Acquisitions and the Globalization of Firms from India Andrew Delios, Ajai Singh Gaur, Shawkat Kamal 4. The reshaping of global capitalism by MNEs from emerging countries Joël Ruet Part II: Regional and National Initiatives Affecting Trade and Investment in Asia 5. Towards China's greater influence on the world's finances: A legal analysis of Chinese Overseas Direct Investment Jianqiang Nie 6. Chinese BITs in the 21st Century: Protecting Chinese Investment Jun Xiao 7. Investment Liberalization in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Progress, Regress or Stumbling Bloc? Darryl Jarvis, Chen Shaofeng, Tan Teck Boon 8. Economic Impact of Investment Provisions in Asian RTAs Sebastien Miroudot Part III: Asian Interest in Multilateral Rules on Trade and Investment: A New Paradigm? 9. Dealing with the Noodle Bowl Effect in Asia: Consolidation, Multilateralization, Harmonization or Dilution? Jayant Menon 10. India's Multilayered FDI regulation: Between resistance to multilateral negotiations and unilateral proactivism Julien Chaisse, Debashis Chakraborty, Arup Guha 11. Conditions and ways of restoring investment to the WTO negotiation agenda: Establishing a linkage between BITs and WTO Chang-Fa Lo

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