Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship
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Restorative Justice, Self-interest and Responsible Citizenship

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Lode Walgrave
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Introduction 1. Focusing on Restorative Justice 2. Restorative Justice and Criminal Punishment 3. Common Self-interest: Seeking Socio-ethical Grounds for Restorative Justice 4. Examining Restorative Justice Practice 5. Designing a Restorative Criminal Justice System 6. Democracy, Criminology and Restorative Justice, Conclusion, Notes, Epilogue: A List of To-do's
Lode Walgrave has made a highly significant contribution to the worldwide development of the restorative justice movement over the last two decades. This book represents the culmination of his vision for restorative justice. Coming to the subject from a juvenile justice background he initially saw restorative justice as a means of escaping the rehabilitation-punishment dilemma, and as the basis for a more constructive judicial response to youth crime that had been the case hitherto. Over time his conception of restorative justice moved in the direction of focusing on repairing harm and suffering rather than ensuring that the youthful offender met with a 'just' response, and encompassing the notion that restorative justice was not so much about a justice system promoting restoration, more a matter of doing justice through restoration.

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