Transient Airflow in Building Drainage Systems
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Transient Airflow in Building Drainage Systems

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John Swaffield
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Giving you the first comprehensive presentation of the ground breaking research undertaken at Heriot Watt University, with Research Council and industrial funding, this book brings a new perspective to the design of building drainage and vent systems. It provides the building services community with clear and verifiable design methods that will be robust enough to meet challenges such as climate change and water conservation; population migration to the mega cities of the developing world, and the consequent pressures of user concentration; the rise of the prestige building and the introduction of new appliances and control strategies. These all combine to make traditional codified design guidance insufficient. Many assumptions in existing codes defining the entrained airflows within building drainage vent systems cannot be theoretically supported, so designers concerned with these systems need analysis and simulation capabilities which are at least as reliable as those enjoyed by other building services practitioners.
1. Introduction to Water Flow Induced Air Movement in Building Drainage and Vent Systems 2. Introduction to Unsteady Flow and Pressure Transient Propagation 3. Air Pressure Transient Propagation 4. Theory and Method of Characteristics Solutions 5. Introduction to Air Pressure Transient Control and Suppression Strategies 6. Case Studies 7. Development of Linked Applications of MoC Simulations 8. National Codes 9. Conclusion

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