Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy
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Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy

Settling Accounts and Developing Alternatives
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Elizabeth Silva
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Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu's Legacy explores the achievements and limitations of a Bourdieusian approach to cultural analysis through original contributions from distinguished international scholars. This edited collection offers sustained critical engagement, substantiated by new empirical work. It presents concrete evidence of different approaches to the interpretation of culture in Britain, France and the USA. Discussions are situated in relation to current debates about cultural analysis, in particular the vibrant and extensive disputes concerning the applicability of Bourdieu's concepts and methods. Subsequently, implications for the future of research work in cultural analysis, including into theory and methods, are drawn. The contributing authors offer key interpretations of the work of Bordieu, arguments for alternative approaches to cultural analysis, and critical applications of his concepts in empirical analysis. This book is essential reading for graduate students of sociology, cultural studies, social anthropology or cultural geography, providing great insight into the work of one of the most eminent contemporary scholars in the field of cultural analysis.
1. The Importance of Bourdieu Elizabeth Silva and Alan Warde 2. Working with Habitus and Field: the Logic of Bourdieu's Practice Michael Grenfell 3. 'Cooking the books' of the French Gastronomic Field Rick Fantasia 4. Pierre Bourdieu's political sociology and public sociology David Swartz 5. Dis-identification and class identity Mike Savage, Elizabeth Silva and Alan Warde 6. From the Theory of Practice to the Practice of Theory: Working with Bourdieu in research on higher education choice Diane Reay 7. Bourdieu, ethics and practice Andrew Sayer 8. Culture, Power, Knowledge: Between Foucault and Bourdieu Tony Bennett 9. The price of the people: Sociology, performance and reflexivity Antoine Hennion 10. Looking back at Bourdieu Michèle Lamont 11. Bourdieu in a multidimensional perspective Frédéric Lebaron 12. Habitus and classification Fiona Devine 13. Epilogue: Bourdieu's legacy?Elizabeth Silva and Alan Warde

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