Muslims in 21st Century Europe
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Muslims in 21st Century Europe

Structural and Cultural Perspectives
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Anna Triandafyllidou
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Muslims in 21st Century Europe explores the interaction between native majorities and Muslim minorities in various European countries with a view to highlighting different paths of integration of immigrant and native Muslims. Starting with a critical overview of the institutionalisation of Islam in Europe and a discussion on the nature of Muslimophobia as a social phenomenon, this book shows how socio-economic, institutional and political parameters set the frame for Muslim integration in Europe. Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden are selected as case studies among the 'old' migration hosts. Italy, Spain and Greece are included to highlight the issues arising and the policies adopted in southern Europe to accommodate Muslim claims and needs. The book highlights the internal diversity of both minority and majority populations, and analyses critically the political and institutional responses to the presence of Muslims.
1. Muslims and Multiculturalism in 21st century Europe, Anna Triandafyllidou and Daniel Faas 2. Islamophobia qua Racial Discrimination: Muslimophobia, Burak Erdenir 3. Public Policies towards Muslims and the Institutionalization of 'Moderate Islam' in Europe: some critical reflections, Sara Silvestri 4. Muslims in Germany: From Guest Workers to Citizens? Daniel Faas 5. Britain: Contemporary developments in cases of Muslim-state engagement, Tariq Modood and Nasar Meer 6. From Empire to Republic, the French Muslim Dilemma, Valerie Amiraux 7. Islam in the Netherlands, Dutch Islam, Thijl Sunier 8. Sweden: Cooperation and Conflict, Jonas Otterbeck 9. Muslims in Italy: models of integration and new citizenship, Maurizia Russo Spena 10. Muslims in Spain: Blurring past and present Moors, Ricard Zapata-Barrero and Nynke de Witte 11. Greece: The Challenge of Native and Immigrant Muslim Populations, Anna Triandafyllidou

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