Cities and Suburbs
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Cities and Suburbs

New Metropolitan Realities in the US
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Bernadette Hanlon
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This book is a systematic examination of the historical and current roles that cities and suburbs play in US metropolitan areas. It explores the history of cities and suburbs, their changing dynamics with each other, their growing diversity, the environmental consequences of their development and finally the extent and nature of their decline and renewal.Cities and Suburbs: New Metropolitan Realities in the US offers a comprehensive examination of demographic and socioeconomic processes of US suburbanization by providing a succinct guide to understanding the dynamic relationship between metropolitan structure and processes of social change. A variety of case studies are used in the chapters to explore suburban successes and failures and the discourse concludes with reflections on metropolitan policy and planning for the twenty-first century. The topics of discussion include:Key ideas and concepts on the demographic and sociospatial aspects of metropolitan changeThe changing nature of city and suburban population migration and their relationships with changes at the local, metropolitan, national, and global levelsCurrent metropolitan public policy issues of large cities and suburbsLinks of suburbanization to metropolitan transformation and the growing dichotomy between suburban decline and suburban sprawl in metropolitan areas.Cities and Suburbs relies on theorized case studies, demographic analysis, maps, and photos from North America. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book addresses various fundamental questions about the socioeconomic role that suburbs and cities play in shaping metropolitan areas, their environmental impact, the political consequences, and the resulting policy debates. This is essential reading for scholars and students of Geography, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Urban Studies and Urban Planning.
Introduction 1. The New Metropolitan Landscape Part 1: The Rise of Metropolis 2. The Rise of the City 3. The Rise of the Suburban Metropolis 4. The New Metropolis Part 2: Metropolitan Complexity 5. The New Metropolitan Model 6. Portraits of Metropolitan Diversity 7. The Rise of Immigrant Suburbs Part 3: Suburban Gothic 8. Suburban Gothic 9. Suburbs in Crisis Part 4: Public Policies 10. Metropolitan Public Policy 11. Growth Management and Environmental Sustainability Part 5: Conclusion 12. Prospects and Trajectories

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