Artistic Capital
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Artistic Capital

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David Galenson
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At what stage of their careers do great artists produce their most important work? In a series of studies that bring new insights and new dimensions to the study of artistic creativity, Galensona (TM)s new book examines the careers of more than one hundred modern painters, poets and novelists to reveal a powerful relationship between age and artistic creativity. Analyzing the careers of major literary and artistic figures, such as CA(c)zanne, van Gogh, Dickens, Hemingway and Plath, Galenson highlights the different methods by which artists have made innovations. Pointing to a new and richer history of the modern arts, this book is of interest, not only to humanists and social scientists, but to anyone interested in the nature of human creativity in general.
Part 1: The Life Cycles of Modern Painters - Evidence from Art Historians. Quantifying Artistic Success. Measuring Masters and Masterpieces. Was Jackson Pollock the Greatest Modern American Painter? The New York School versus the School of Paris. Part 2: The Life Cycles of Modern Painters - Evidence from Auction Markets. The Market Evaluation of Fine Art The Life. Cycles of Modern Artists. Part 3: Markets and Artists' Behavior. Masterpieces and Markets. The Reappearing Masterpiece. Part 4: Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity: Beyond Painting Literary Life Cycles. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young or Old Innovator.

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