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Inside the Presidency of George H. W. Bush
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Michael Nelson
Cornell University Press Miller Center of Public Affairs Books
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Foreword Philip Zelikow Preface Michael Nelson and Barbara Perry George H. W. Bush's Road to the White HouseIntroduction: History and George Bush Russell L. Riley Part I AMERICAN CONSERVATISM1. George Bush: Texan, Conservative Michael Nelson 2. George Bush and American Conservatism Hugh Heclo Part II WAR AND STATECRAFT3. Organizing Security: How the Bush Presidency Made Decisions on War and Peace Bartholomew Sparrow 4. When George Bush Believed the Cold War Ended and Why That Mattered Jeffrey A. Engel5. Character and Consequence: The John Tower Confirmation Battle Robert A. StrongPart III DOMESTIC POLITICS AND POLICY6. The Offered Hand and the Veto Fist: George Bush, Congress, and Domestic Policy Making Barbara Sinclair 7. From Oral History to Oral Argument: George Bush's Supreme Court Appointments Barbara A. Perry and Henry J. AbrahamConclusion: Navigating the Crosswinds of Modern Politics and Policy Sidney M. MilkisAppendix 1: Interviewees for the George H. W. Bush Oral History ProjectAppendix 2: Interviewers for the George H. W. Bush Oral History Project
Although it lasted only a single term, the presidency of George H. W. Bush was an unusually eventful one, encompassing the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Panama, the Persian Gulf War, and contentious confirmation hearings over Clarence Thomas and John Tower. Bush has said that to understand the history of his presidency, while "the documentary record is vital," interviews with members of his administration "add the human side that those papers can never capture."

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