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Walking Corpses

Leprosy in Byzantium and the Medieval West
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Timothy S. Miller
Cornell University Press
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Introduction1. The Ancient World2. Leprosy in the Byzantine Empire3. Byzantine Medicine4. Byzantine Leprosariums5. Leprosy in the Latin West6. Leprosariums in the Latin West7. The Knights of LazarusConclusionAppendixes1. Aretaios of Cappadocia, On Acute and Chronic Diseases (Books IV.13 and VIII.13)2. Gregory of Nyssa's Oration, Regarding the Words "As much as you have done for one of these, you have done for me" (Matt. 25:40)3. Selection from The Funeral Oration in Praise of Saint John Chrysostom (Chapters 60.17 to 67.1)
Leprosy has afflicted humans for thousands of years. It wasn't until the twelfth century, however, that the dreaded disease entered the collective psyche of Western society, thanks to a frightening epidemic that ravaged Catholic Europe. The Church responded by constructing charitable institutions called leprosariums to treat the rapidly expanding number of victims. As important as these events were, Timothy Miller and John Nesbitt remind us that the history of leprosy in the West is incomplete without also considering the Byzantine Empire, which confronted leprosy and its effects well before the Latin West. In Walking Corpses, they offer the first account of medieval leprosy that integrates the history of East and West.

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