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Condemned to Repeat?

The Paradox of Humanitarian Action
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Fiona Terry
Cornell University Press
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Humanitarian groups have failed, Fiona Terry believes, to face up to the core paradox of their activity: humanitarian action aims to alleviate suffering, but by inadvertently sustaining conflict it potentially prolongs suffering. In Condemned to Repeat?, Terry examines the side-effects of intervention by aid organizations and points out the need to acknowledge the political consequences of the choice to give aid. The author makes the controversial claim that aid agencies act as though the initial decision to supply aid satisfies any need for ethical discussion and are often blind to the moral quandaries of aid. Terry focuses on four historically relevant cases: Rwandan camps in Zaire, Afghan camps in Pakistan, Salvadoran and Nicaraguan camps in Honduras, and Cambodian camps in Thailand.
Introduction1. Humanitarian Action and Responsibility2. The Afghan Refugee Camps in Pakistan3. The Nicaraguan and Salvadoran Refugee Camps in Honduras4. The Cambodian Refugee Camps in Thailand5. The Rwandan Refugee Camps in Zaire6. Humanitarian Action in a Second-Best WorldAppendix: Documents from the Rwandan Refugee CampsIndex

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