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Japan Prepares for Total War

The Search for Economic Security, 1919-1941
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The roots of Japan's aggressive, expansionist foreign policy have often been traced to its concern over acute economic vulnerability. Historian Michael Barnhart tests this assumption by examining the events leading up to World War II in the context of Japan's quest for economic security. Drawing on a wide array of Japanese and American sources, this is the first English-language book on the war's origins to be based on research in archives on both sides of the Pacific.
Introduction1. The Rise of Autarky in Japanese Strategic Planning2. International Law and Stove-Pipe Hats3. Merging the Drives for Autarky and Reform4. The Road to Ruin: Japan Begins the China Incident5. Bitter Mortgage: The Economic Consequences of the China Incident6. To Defend the Open Door7. Swastika and Red Star: The Imperial Army's Economic and Strategic Dilemmas of 19398. Caretakers and the Quest for Autarky: Marking Time 1489. The Navy's Price: Japan Commences the Southward Advance10. To Arm and Appease11. Unsettled Details: The Debate over the Southward Advance12. Soft Words and Big Sticks13. A Final Wager: Japan Consummates the Southward Advance14. The Pacific WarBibliographyIndex

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