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To Live upon Hope

Mohicans and Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast
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Two Northeast Indian communities with similar histories of colonization accepted Congregational and Moravian missionaries, respectively, within five years of one another: the Mohicans of Stockbridge, Massachusetts (1735), and Shekomeko, in Dutchess County, New York (1740). In To Live upon Hope, Rachel Wheeler explores the question of what "missionary Christianity" became in the hands of these two native communities.
1. Introduction: Indian and ChristianPart I. Hope2. The River God and the Lieutenant3. Covenants, Contracts, and the Founding of StockbridgePart II. Renewal4. The Chief and the Orator5. Moravian Missionaries of the Blood6. Mohican Men and Jesus as ManitouPart III. Preservation7. The Village Matriarch and the Young Mother8. Mohican Women and the Community of the BloodPart IV. Persecution9. The Dying Chief and the Accidental Missionary10. Indian and White Bodies Politic at StockbridgeConclusion11. Irony and Identity12. The Cooper and the Sachem13. Epilogue: Real and Ideal IndiansAbbreviationsNotesIndex

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