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A Medieval Storybook

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Alison Mason Kingsbury
Cornell University Press
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"Every medievalist with a sense of humor has wanted to do this sort of book, but too few have. Morris Bishop gives us a delightful collection of medieval storytelling, ranging from the twelfth to the fifteenth century, in Latin, Norse, French, Spanish, Italian, and English. Recommended for all popular collections and especially for children."-Library Journal
PrefaceI. Romances of King Arthur's CourtThe Story of MerlinThe Sword in the Stone, by Sir Thomas MaloryLauncelot, Elaine, and Guenever, by Sir Thomas MaloryTristan's EndII. Adventures and EscapadesThe Story of Frithjof and IngebjorgAmleth's Revenge, by Saxo GrammaticusA Knight Who Made a Bargain with a MerchantA Story of beyond the SeaThe Cruelty of Francesco Orsini, by Giovanni FiorentinoA Night in Naples, by Giovanni BoccaccioIII. Lovers' Weal and WoeThe Dapple-Gray Palfrey, by Huon LeroiThe Lay of the Nightingale, by Marie de FranceThe Falcon, by Giovanni BoccaccioIV. Wonders and ProdigiesThe Life of Saint Brandon, by Jacobus de VoragineThe Famous History of Friar BaconV. Moral TalesThe Execrable Devices of Old WomenOf the Cunning of the Devil, and of the Secret Judgments of GodOf the Transgressions and Wounds of the SoulOf Extreme FearThe Marvelous Conversion of the Blessed Hildegund, Virgin, by Caesarius of HeisterbachThe Cleric Who Deflowered a Jewish Maiden, by Caesarius of HeisterbachHow the Novice Theobald Conquered His Pride, by Caesarius of HeisterbachFriar JuniperVI. Merry Tales and Salty FictionsOf the Churl Who Won ParadiseA Dean and a Magician, by Juan ManuelKing Ben Abit and Queen Romaquia, by Juan ManuelA Profound JudgmentThe Pear TreeFra Cipolla, by Giovanni BoccaccioA Father's Wise Counsel, by Franco SacchettiThe Rustic Ambassadors, by Franco SacchettiThe Noble Crest, by Franco SacchettiSacchetti and the Astrologer, by Franco SacchettiThe Blind Man of Orvieto, by Franco SacchettiThe Reeve's Tale, by Geoffrey Chaucer

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