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The Sephardic Frontier

The "Reconquista" and the Jewish Community in Medieval Iberia
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Jonathan Ray
Conjunctions of Religion and Power in the Medieval Past Cornell University Press
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No subject looms larger over the historical landscape of medieval Spain than that of the reconquista, the rapid expansion of the power of the Christian kingdoms into the Muslim-populated lands of southern Iberia, which created a broad frontier zone that for two centuries remained a region of warfare and peril. Drawing on a large fund of unpublished material in royal, ecclesiastical, and municipal archives as well as rabbinic literature, Jonathan Ray reveals a fluid, often volatile society that transcended religious boundaries and attracted Jewish colonists from throughout the peninsula and beyond. The result was a wave of Jewish settlements marked by a high degree of openness, mobility, and interaction with both Christians and Muslims.
Acknowledgments vii
List of Abbreviations ix
Introduction 1
Part I. The Jewish Settler and the Frontier 00
1. The Migration of Jewish Settlers to the Frontier 00
2. Jewish Land Ownership 00
3. Moneylending and Beyond: The Jews in the Economic Life of the Frontier 00
Part II. The Jewish Community and the Frontier 000
4. Royal Authority and the Legal Status of Iberian Jewry 000
5. Jewish Communal Organization and Authority 000
6. Communal Tensions and the Question of Jewish Autonomy 000
7. Maintenance of Social Boundaries on the Iberian Frontier 000
Conclusion 000
Glossary 000
Bibliography 000
Index 000

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