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The Business of Theater in Eighteenth-Century France and Its Colonies
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Lauren R. Clay
Cornell University Press
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Stagestruck traces the making of a vibrant French theater industry between the reign of Louis XIV and the French Revolution. During this era more than eighty provincial and colonial cities celebrated the inauguration of their first public playhouses. These theaters emerged as the most prominent urban cultural institutions in prerevolutionary France, becoming key sites for the articulation and contestation of social, political, and racial relationships. Combining rich description with nuanced analysis based on extensive archival evidence, Lauren R. Clay illuminates the wide-ranging consequences of theater's spectacular growth for performers, spectators, and authorities in cities throughout France as well as in the empire's most important Atlantic colony, Saint-Domingue.
Introduction: The Making of a French Theater Industry1. Investing in the Arts2. Designing the Civic Playhouse3. The Extent and Limits of State Intervention4. Directors and the Business of Performing5. The Work of Acting6. Consumers of Culture7. The Production of Theater in the ColoniesEpilogue: Culture, Commerce, and the StateAppendix: Timeline of Inaugurations and Significant Renovations of Dedicated Public Theaters in France and the French Colonies, 1671-1789NotesBibliography of Primary SourcesIndex

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