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Radicals on the Road

Internationalism, Orientalism, and Feminism during the Vietnam Era
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Traveling to Hanoi during the U.S. war in Vietnam was a long and dangerous undertaking. Even though a neutral commission operated the flights, the possibility of being shot down by bombers in the air and antiaircraft guns on the ground was very real. American travelers recalled landing in blackout conditions, without lights even for the runway, and upon their arrival seeking refuge immediately in bomb shelters. Despite these dangers, they felt compelled to journey to a land at war with their own country, believing that these efforts could change the political imaginaries of other members of the American citizenry and even alter U.S. policies in Southeast Asia. In Radicals on the Road, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu tells the story of international journeys made by significant yet underrecognized historical figures such as African American leaders Robert Browne, Eldridge Cleaver, and Elaine Brown; Asian American radicals Alex Hing and Pat Sumi; Chicana activist Betita Martinez; as well as women's peace and liberation advocates Cora Weiss and Charlotte Bunch. These men and women of varying ages, races, sexual identities, class backgrounds, and religious faiths held diverse political views. Nevertheless, they all believed that the U.S. war in Vietnam was immoral and unjustified.
IntroductionPart I: Journeys for PeaceChapter 1. An African American AbroadChapter 2. Afro-Asian AlliancesChapter 3. Searching for Home and PeacePart II: Journeys for LiberationChapter 4. Anticitizens, Red Diaper Babies, and Model MinoritiesChapter 5. A Revolutionary PilgrimageChapter 6. The Belly of the BeastPart III: Journeys for Global SisterhoodChapter 7. "We Met the 'Enemy'- and They Are Our Sisters"Chapter 8. War at a Peace ConferenceChapter 9. Woman WarriorsLegacies: Journeys of ReconciliationAcknowledgmentsNotesBibliographyIndex

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