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The Chicken Trail

Following Workers, Migrants, and Corporations across the Americas
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Kathleen C. Schwartzman
ILR Press
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In The Chicken Trail, Kathleen C. Schwartzman examines the impact of globalization-and of NAFTA in particular-on the North American poultry industry, focusing on the displacement of African American workers in the southeast United States and workers in Mexico. Schwartzman documents how the transformation of U.S. poultry production in the 1980s increased its export capacity and changed the nature and consequences of labor conflict. She documents how globalization-and NAFTA in particular-forced Mexico to open its commodity and capital markets, and eliminate state support of corporations and rural smallholders. As a consequence, many Mexicans were forced to abandon their no longer sustainable small farms, with some seeking work in industrialized poultry factories north of the border.
1. Why Follow Chickens?2. Ethnic Succession in the South3. Where Have All the Workers Gone?4. Taylorism Invades the Hen House5. Solving Industry Crises: Pollos Y Polleros6. Squeezing Out Mexican Chicken7. Voice: Squawking At Globalization8. Exit Mexico: "Si Muero Lejos De Ti"9. The Global Dilemma: Summary and ReflectionsNotesReferencesIndex

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