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Interview Research in Political Science

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Layna Mosley
Cornell University Press
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Interviews are a frequent and important part of empirical research in political science, but graduate programs rarely offer discipline-specific training in selecting interviewees, conducting interviews, and using the data thus collected. Interview Research in Political Science addresses this vital need, offering hard-won advice for both graduate students and faculty members. The contributors to this book have worked in a variety of field locations and settings and have interviewed a wide array of informants, from government officials to members of rebel movements and victims of wartime violence, from lobbyists and corporate executives to workers and trade unionists.
Introduction. "Just Talk to People"? Interviews in Contemporary Political Scienceby Layna MosleyPart I. General Considerations: Research Design, Ethics, and the Role of the Researcher1. Aligning Sampling Strategies with Analytic Goalsby Julia Lynch2. The Ethical Treatment of Human Subjects and the Institutional Review Board Processby Sarah M. Brooks3. The Power of the Interviewerby Lauren M. MacLean4. How to Report Interview Databy Erik Bleich and Robert PekkanenPart II. Addressing the Challenges of Interview Research5. Crafting Interviews to Capture Cause and Effectby Cathie Jo Martin6. Using Proxy Interviewing to Address Sensitive Topicsby Melani Cammett7. Working with Interpretersby Lee Ann Fujii8. The Problem of Extraterritorial Legalityby William RenoPart III. Putting It All Together: The Varied Uses of Interview Data9. Capturing Meaning and Confronting Measurementby Mary Gallagher10. Elite Interviewing in Washington, Matthew N. Beckmann and Richard L. Hall11. Lessons from the "Lobbying and Policy Change" Projectby Beth L. Leech, Frank R. Baumgartner, Jeffrey M. Berry, Marie Hojnacki, and David C. Kimball12. Using Interviews to Understand Racial Group Identity and Political Behaviorby Reuel R. RogersAppendix: Sample Materials for Interview ResearchNotesReferencesIndex

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