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Populist Collaborators

The Ilchinhoe and the Japanese Colonization of Korea, 1896-1910
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Yumi Moon
Cornell University Press
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An empire invites local collaborators in the making and sustenance of its colonies. Between 1896 and 1910, Japan's project to colonize Korea was deeply intertwined with the movements of reform-minded Koreans to solve the crisis of the Choson dynasty (1392-1910). Among those reformers, it was the Ilchinhoe (Advance in Unity Society)-a unique group of reformers from various social origins-that most ardently embraced Japan's discourse of "civilizing Korea" and saw Japan's colonization as an opportunity to advance its own "populist agendas." The Ilchinhoe members called themselves "representatives of the people" and mobilized vibrant popular movements that claimed to protect the people's freedom, property, and lives. Neither modernist nor traditionalist, they were willing to sacrifice the sovereignty of the Korean monarchy if that would ensure the rights and equality of the people.
IntroductionChapter 1: The Korean Reformist Movements and the Late Chosôn StateChapter 2: People and Foreigners: The Northwestern Provinces, 1896-1904Chapter 3: Sensational Campaigns: The Russo-Japanese War and the Ilchinhoe's Rise, 1904-1905Chapter 4: Freedom and the New Look: The Culture and Rhetoric of the Ilchinhoe MovementChapter 5: The Populist Contest: The Ilchinhoe's Tax Resistance, 1904-1906Chapter 6: Subverting Local Society: Ilchinhoe Legal Disputes, 1904-1907Chapter 7: The Authoritarian Resolution: The Ilchinhoe and the Japanese, 1904-1910ConclusionIndex

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