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Edmund Burke in America

The Contested Career of the Father of Modern Conservatism
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Drew Maciag
Cornell University Press
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The statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke (1729-1797) is a touchstone for modern conservatism in the United States, and his name and his writings have been invoked by figures ranging from the arch Federalist George Cabot to the twentieth-century political philosopher Leo Strauss. But Burke's legacy has neither been consistently associated with conservative thought nor has the richness and subtlety of his political vision been fully appreciated by either his American admirers or detractors. In Edmund Burke in America, Drew Maciag traces Burke's reception and reputation in the United States, from the contest of ideas between Burke and Thomas Paine in the Revolutionary period, to the Progressive Era (when Republicans and Democrats alike invoked Burke's wisdom), to his apotheosis within the modern conservative movement.
Introduction: In Search of Icons1. Burke in Brief: A "Philosophical" PrimerPart I: Early America2. Old Seeds, New Soil: The Land of Paine3. Federalist Persuasions: John and J. Q. Adams4. Democratic America: The Ethos of Liberalism5. American Whigs: A Conservative ResponsePart II: Transition to Modern America6. The Gilded Age: Eclectic Interpretations7. Theodore Roosevelt: Blazing Forward, Looking Backward8. Woodrow Wilson: Confronting American MaturityPart III: Postwar America9. Modern Times: Conjunctions and Consensus10. Natural Law: A Neo-traditionalist Revival11. The Cold War: Existential Threat Redux12. Contemporary Conservatives: Victories and IllusionsConclusion: A World without FathersNotesIndex

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