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Princely Brothers and Sisters

The Sibling Bond in German Politics, 1100-1250
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Jonathan R. Lyon
Cornell University Press
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In Princely Brothers and Sisters, Jonathan R. Lyon takes a fresh look at sibling networks and the role they played in shaping the practice of politics in the Middle Ages. Focusing on nine of the most prominent aristocratic families in the German kingdom during the Staufen period (1138-1250), Lyon finds that noblemen-and to a lesser extent, noblewomen-relied on the cooperation and support of their siblings as they sought to maintain or expand their power and influence within a competitive political environment. Consequently, sibling relationships proved crucial at key moments in shaping the political and territorial interests of many lords of the kingdom.
Introduction1. The Origins of Twelfth-Century Princely Lineages2. Forging the Bonds between Siblings: Succession, Inheritance, and Church Careers3. Baby Boomers: The First Generation of the Staufen Upper Aristocracy4. Frederick Barbarossa and Henry the Lion: Cousins in an Age of Brothers5. Cooperation, Conflict, and the Rise of a New Generation, ca. 1180-12106. From Bamberg to Budapest: Four Brothers and Four Sisters in the Early Thirteenth Century7. The Uncertain Future of Lineages: Siblings during the Reign of Frederick IIConclusionAppendix: Genealogical ChartsThe Andechs lineageThe Ascanian lineageThe Babenberg lineageThe Ludowing lineageThe Staufen lineageThe Welf lineageThe Wettin lineage (part 1)The Wettin lineage (part 2)The Wittelsbach lineageThe Zähringen lineageWorks CitedIndex

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