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Vacation Travel and the Soviet Dream
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Diane P. Koenker
Cornell University Press
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The Bolsheviks took power in Russia 1917 armed with an ideology centered on the power of the worker. From the beginning, however, Soviet leaders also realized the need for rest and leisure within the new proletarian society and over subsequent decades struggled to reconcile the concept of leisure with the doctrine of communism, addressing such fundamental concerns as what the purpose of leisure should be in a workers' state and how socialist vacations should differ from those enjoyed by the capitalist bourgeoisie.
Introduction: Vacations, Tourism, and the Paradoxes of Soviet Culture1. Mending the Human Motor2. Proletarian Tourism: The Best Form of Rest3. The Proletarian Tourist in the 1930s: Seeking the Good Life on the Road4. Restoring Vacations after the War5. From Treatment to Vacation: The Post-Stalin Consumer Regime6. Post-Proletarian Tourism: The New Soviet Person Takes to the Road7. The Modernization of Soviet TourismConclusion: Soviet Vacations and the Modern WorldBibliographyIndex

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