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Where Night Is Day

The World of the ICU
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James Kelly
The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work ILR Press
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"There is no night in the ICU. There is day, lesser day, then day again. There are rhythms. Every twelve hours: shift change. Report: first all together in the big room, then at the bedside, nurse to nurse. Morning rounds. A group of doctors moves slowly through the unit like a harrow through a field. At each room, like a game, a different one rotates into the center. They leave behind a trail of new orders. Wean, extubate, titrate, start this, stop that, scan, film, scope. The steep hill the patient is asked to climb. Can you breathe on your own? Can you wake up? Can you live?"-Where Night Is Day
Introduction1. The Voyage into the Sea of Critical Illness2. Diagnosis, Diagnosis, Diagnosis3. Nursing Isn't a Journey4. One More Day5. The Dream of Cure6. Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not7. Caring8. Medicine as Ghost Rain9. Dying10. Poetic and Tragic Murmurings of the Everyday11. They Tell Us Everything12. Can They Hear?13. Leaving Ends the Love14. The HorizonEpilogueNotes

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