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Poor Numbers

How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do about It
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Morten Jerven
Cornell Studies in Political Economy Cornell University Press
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One of the most urgent challenges in African economic development is to devise a strategy for improving statistical capacity. Reliable statistics, including estimates of economic growth rates and per-capita income, are basic to the operation of governments in developing countries and vital to nongovernmental organizations and other entities that provide financial aid to them. Rich countries and international financial institutions such as the World Bank allocate their development resources on the basis of such data. The paucity of accurate statistics is not merely a technical problem; it has a massive impact on the welfare of citizens in developing countries.
Introduction1. What Do We Know about Income and Growth in Africa?2. Measuring African Wealth and Progress3. Facts, Assumptions, and Controversy: Lessons from the Datasets4. Data for Development: Using and Improving African StatisticsConclusion: Development by NumbersAppendix A. A Comparison of GDP Estimates from the World Development Indicators Database and Country EstimatesAppendix B. Details of Interviews and QuestionnairesNotesReferencesIndex

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