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Empire of Language

Toward a Critique of (Post)colonial Expression
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The relationship between power and language has been a central theme in critical theory for decades now, yet there is still much to be learned about the sheer force of language in the world in which we live. In Empire of Language, Laurent Dubreuil explores the power-language phenomenon in the context of European and, particularly, French colonialism and its aftermath. Through readings of the colonial experience, he isolates a phraseology based on possession, in terms of both appropriation and haunting, that has persisted throughout the centuries. Not only is this phraseology a legacy of the past, it is still active today, especially in literary renderings of the colonial experience-but also, and more paradoxically, in anticolonial discourse. This phrase shaped the teaching of European languages in the (former) empires, and it tried to configure the usage of those idioms by the "Indigenes." Then, scholarly disciplines have to completely reconsider their discursive strategies about the colonial, if, at least, they attempt to speak up.
ProloguePart I. PhraseologiesChapter 1: (Post)colonial PossessionsChapter 2: Haunting and Imperial DoctrineChapter 3: The Revenant PhrasePart II. Giving Languages, Taking SpeechChapter 4: The Languages of EmpireChapter 5: Interdiction within DictionChapter 6: Today: Stigmata and VeilsChapter 7: Reinventing FrancophoniePart III. Disciplining KnowledgeChapter 8: Formations and Reformations of AnthropologyChapter 9: The Impossible Colonial ScienceChapter 10: Who Will Become a Theoretician?After the AfterwardsNotesBibliographyIndex

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