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The French Revolution in Global Perspective

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Suzanne Desan
Cornell University Press
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Situating the French Revolution in the context of early modern globalization for the first time, this book offers a new approach to understanding its international origins and worldwide effects. A distinguished group of contributors shows that the political culture of the Revolution emerged out of a long history of global commerce, imperial competition, and the movement of people and ideas in places as far flung as India, Egypt, Guiana, and the Caribbean. This international approach helps to explain how the Revolution fused immense idealism with territorial ambition and combined the drive for human rights with various forms of exclusion. The essays examine topics including the role of smuggling and free trade in the origins of the French Revolution, the entwined nature of feminism and abolitionism, and the influence of the French revolutionary wars on the shape of American empire.
Introductionby Suzanne Desan, Lynn Hunt, and William Max NelsonPart I. Origins1. The Global Underground: Smuggling, Rebellion, and the Origins of the French Revolutionby Michael Kwass2. The Global Financial Origins of 1789by Lynn Hunt3. The Fall from Eden: The Free-Trade Origins of the French Revolutionby Charles Walton4. 1685 and the French Revolutionby Andrew JainchillPart II. "Internal" Dynamics5. Colonizing France: Revolutionary Regeneration and the First French Empireby William Max Nelson6 Foreigners, Cosmopolitanism, and French Revolutionary Universalismby Suzanne Desan7. Feminism and Abolitionism: Transatlantic Trajectoriesby Denise Z. DavidsonPart III. Consequences8. Egypt in the French Revolutionby Ian Coller9. Abolition and Reenslavement in the Caribbean: The Revolution in French Guianaby Miranda Spieler10 The French Revolutionary Wars and the Making of American Empire, 1783-1796by Rafe BlaufarbCoda11. Every Revolution Is a War of Independenceby Pierre Serna, translated by Alexis PernsteinerNotesList of ContributorsIndex

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