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The Other Welfare

Supplemental Security Income and U.S. Social Policy
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Edward D. Berkowitz
Cornell University Press
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The Other Welfare offers the first comprehensive history of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), from its origins as part of President Nixon's daring social reform efforts to its pivotal role in the politics of the Clinton administration. Enacted into law in 1972, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) marked the culmination of liberal social and economic policies that began during the New Deal. The new program provided cash benefits to needy elderly, blind, and disabled individuals. Because of the complex character of SSI-marking both the high tide of the Great Society and the beginning of the retrenchment of the welfare state-it provides the perfect subject for assessing the development of the American state in the late twentieth century.
PrefaceIntroduction1. Creating a New Welfare Program: The Politics of Welfare and Social Security Reform in the Nixon Administration2. A Year in Transition: Why Planning for the New Program Became Difficult3. Launching the Program: Why the Program Began Badly4. The Emergence of a Disability Program: How the Program's Fundamental Identity Changed5. The Continuing Disability Reviews: How the Politics of Controversy Hindered the Program6. The Courts and Other Sources of Program Growth: How the Program Expanded in a Conservative Age7. The Welfare Reform of 1996: How the Program Became Swept Up in the Narrative of Welfare Fraud and Abuse8. Post-1996 Developments: A Brief PostscriptConclusionNotesIndex

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