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The Archidamian War

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This book, the second volume in Donald Kagan's tetralogy about the Peloponnesian War, is a provocative and tightly argued history of the first ten years of the war. Taking a chronological approach that allows him to present at each stage the choices that were open to both sides in the conflict, Kagan focuses on political, economic, diplomatic, and military developments. He evaluates the strategies used by both sides and reconsiders the roles played by several key individuals.
1. Plans and Resources2. The First Year of the War3. The Plague and Its Consequences4. The Third Year of the War: Phormio5. The Revolt at Lesbos6. Sicily and Corcyra7. Demosthenes8. Pylos and Sphacteria9. Megara and Delium10. The Coming of PeaceConclusionsAppendix A: Pericles and Athenian IncomeAppendix B: Pericles' Last SpeechBibliographyGeneral IndexIndex of Modem AuthorsIndex of Ancient Authors and Inscriptions

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