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The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War

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Donald Kagan
Cornell University Press
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The first volume of Donald Kagan's acclaimed four-volume history of the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins and causes of the conflict, based on evidence produced by modern scholarship and on a careful reconsideration of the ancient texts. He focuses his study on the question: Was the war inevitable, or could it have been avoided?
IntroductionPart One: The Alliance System and the Division of the Greek World1. The Spartan Alliance2. The Origins of the Athenian Empire3. Sparta after the Persian War4. Athens after the Persian WarPart Two: The First Peloponnesian War5. The War in Greece6. The Crisis in the Aegean7. The End of the WarPart Three: The Years of Peace8. Athenian Politics: The Victory of Pericles9. Athens and the West: The Foundation of Thurii10. The Samian Rebellion11. The Consolidation of the Empire12. Athenian Politics on the Eve of the WarPart Four: The Final Crisis13. Epidamnus14. Corcyra15. Megara16. Potidaea17. Sparta18. AthensPart Five: Conclusions19. The Causes of the War20. Thucydides and the Inevitability of the WarAppendixesA. The Willingness of the Members of the Delian League to Accept Athenian LeadershipB. The Historicity of Diodoms' Account of the Spartan Assembly in 475C. Chronology of Events between ca. 470-453D. Reconstruction of the Athenian Tribute ListsE. The Papyrus DecreeF. The Foundation of ThuriiG. Athenian Actions in the West between the WarsH. Athenian Treatment of ByzantiumI. The Date of Pericles' Pontic ExpeditionJ. The Site and Date of BreaK. The Date of the Battle of PotidaeaBibliographyGeneral IndexIndex of Ancient Authors and InscriptionsIndex of Modern Authors

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