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Causes of War

Power and the Roots of Conflict
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Stephen Van Evera
Cornell Studies in Security Affairs Cornell University Press
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What causes war? How can military conflicts best be prevented? A prominent political scientist here addresses these questions, offering ideas that will be widely debated.
1. IntroductionQuestions Addressed, Why They AriseArguments Advanced, Answers OfferedImplications for RealismMethodsPlan of the Book2. False Optimism: Illusions of the Coming WarFalse Hope and WarIllusions of VictoryIllusions of Cheap WarTo Prevent War, Promote Transparency3. Jumping the Gun: First-Move Advantages and Crisis InstabilityFirst-Strike, First-Mobilization, and First-Move AdvantagesHypotheses on the Effects of First-Move AdvantagesTests of Stability TheoryCauses of and Cures for First-Move Advantage4. Power Shifts: Windows of Opportunity and VulnerabilityTypes of WindowsHypotheses on the Effects of WindowsTests of Window TheoryCauses and Cures of Windows5. Cumulative ResourcesWhat Is Cumulativity?Cumulativity and ConflictTypes of CumulativityBeliefs about Cumulativity and Their ImplicationsThe Future of Cumulativity6. Offense, Defense, and the Security DilemmaHypotheses on the Effects of Offense DominanceQualifications: When Offensive Doctrines and Capabilities Cause PeaceCauses of Offense and Defense DominancePredictions and Tests of Offense-Defense TheoryHow Much History Can Offense-Defense Theory Explain?Offense-Defense Theory in Perspective7. Offense-Defense Theory and the Outbreak of World War IThe Rise of the Cult of the Offensive, 1890-1914Predictions of Offense-Defense Theory about Europe, 1890-1914Evidence on Offense-Defense Theory, 1890-1914Offense-Defense Theory and the Test of 1914Explaining World War I8. The Nuclear Revolution and the Causes of WarMAD among Deterrable StatesMAD among Nondeterrable States; MAD among Many StatesAlternatives to MAD: MARNE, BAD, WORSE, and USAThe Janus-Faced RevolutionConclusionAppendix: Hypotheses on Power and the Causes of WarIndex

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