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Absolute Destruction

Military Culture and the Practices of War in Imperial Germany
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Isabel V. Hull
Cornell University Press
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In a book that is at once a major contribution to modern European history and a cautionary tale for today, Isabel V. Hull argues that the routines and practices of the Imperial German Army, unchecked by effective civilian institutions, increasingly sought the absolute destruction of its enemies as the only guarantee of the nation's security. So deeply embedded were the assumptions and procedures of this distinctively German military culture that the Army, in its drive to annihilate the enemy military, did not shrink from the utter destruction of civilian property and lives. Carried to its extreme, the logic of "military necessity" found real security only in extremities of destruction, in the "silence of the graveyard."
IntroductionPart I: Suppression Becomes Annihilation: Southwest Africa, 1904-19071. Waterberg2. Pursuit and Annihilation3. Death by ImprisonmentPart II: Military Culture4. National Politics and Military Culture5. Lessons of 1870-71: Institutions and Law6. Standard Practices7. Doctrines of Fear and Force8. Stopping the ProcessPart III: The First World War9. Waging War, 1914-1916: Risk, Extremes, and Limits10. Civilians as Objects of Military Necessity11. The Armenian Genocide12. Repetition and Self-DestructionsConclusions and ImplicationsBibliographyIndex

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