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The Origins of Major War

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One of the most important questions of human existence is what drives nations to war-especially massive, system-threatening war. Much military history focuses on the who, when, and where of war; in this riveting book, Dale C. Copeland brings attention to bear on why governments make decisions that lead to, sustain, and intensify conflicts. Copeland presents detailed historical narratives of several twentieth-century cases, including World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. He highlights instigating factors that transcend individual personalities, styles of government, geography, and historical context to reveal remarkable consistency across several major wars usually considered dissimilar. The result is a series of challenges to established interpretive positions and provocative new readings of the causes of conflict.
Introduction1. Rethinking Realist Theories of Major War2. Foreign Policy Choices and the Probability of Major War3. German Security and the Preparation for World War I4. The July Crisis and the Outbreak of World War I5. The Rise of Russia and the Outbreak of World War II6. Bipolarity, Shifting Power, and the Origins of the Cold War, 1945-19507. The Berlin and Cuban Missile Crises8. Major War from Pericles to Napoleon9. The Implications of the ArgumentAppendixNotesIndex

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