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Rule of Darkness

British Literature and Imperialism, 1830-1914
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Patrick Brantlinger
Cornell University Press
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A major contribution to the cultural and literary history of the Victorian age, Rule of Darkness maps the complex relationship between Victorian literary forms, genres, and theories and imperialist, racist ideology. Critics and cultural historians have usually regarded the Empire as being of marginal importance to early and mid-Victorian writers. Patrick Brantlinger asserts that the Empire was central to British culture as a source of ideological and artistic energy, both supported by and lending support to widespread belief in racial superiority, the need to transform "savagery" into "civilization," and the urgency of promoting emigration.
IntroductionPART I. DAWN1. From Dawn Island to Heart of Darkness2. Bringing Up the Empire: Captain Marryats MidshipmenPART II. NOON3. Thackeray's India4. Black Swans; or, Botany Bay Eclogues5. The New Crusades6. The Genealogy of the Myth of the "Dark Continent"7. The Well at Cawnpore: Literary Representations of the Indian Mutiny of 1857PART III. DUSK8. Imperial Gothic: Atavism and the Occult in the British Adventure Novel, 1880-19149. Epilogue: Kurtz's "Darkness" and Conrad's Heart of DarknessNotesIndex

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